Grim to Gorgeous


Hello! This is a real THROWBACK THURSDAY post right here… This dazzling beauty was the FIRST piece of furniture Sharon up-cylced and sold online! Love her in all her pink and chalkboard-ness.

When we started all this furniture fun we would discuss how GRIM the furniture was when we picked it and then share amongst us a few days later on how GORGEOUS it had become!

now lets get back to our grey tones of rustic/urban coolness !!

L x

Dogs week off!

So next week Max & Harriet are on holiday at Lilly’s house, so you may see them actually in the shop next week! How exciting! We will be having a slight shop hours change for NEXT WEEK ONLY…

Tuesday 10-4
Wednesday 10-4
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4

so not a big change but a slight one… Sharon will also be out of ‘office’ so any questions please leave a message for Lilly and i will do my best to be as helpful as Sharon.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend Furniture friends x

Snow Dogs


The Shop Dogs who are spending less and less time in the shop and more time out playing together. As the weeks go on Max is loosing weight and becoming better friends with Harriet. They are loving the snow and i must agree with them that its great. The shop looks so pretty as does the rest of St.Marys street. We are all Open and working as usual, a little colder yes but the shop is still cosy and full of new furniture! … which you can probably tell I’m trying to update the website with.
We are also still going ahead with our Lampshade making workshop this evening, we have a couple of spaces so feel free to join in if you want to, prices from £24- £30 he heater and kettle will be on.

Enjoy the snow like M&H

Meet Max

So theres not just one shop dog now… there are TWO!!

Welcome aboard MAX… he is also a Spaniel but he is such a hound! He is big, bulky and full of fun. He really highlights Harriets grumpy old lady nature. Weirdly though she doesn’t growl or bark at him like she does everyone else… and when i say everyone else i mean humans, specifically postmen and all other dogs.

So Max may from time to time be in the shop if he isn’t napping at home in the Burrwalk Office. He will be happy to see you all with his heavy footed tap dancing and mad max bottomed wiggle.


Muddy Stilletos Awards 2017

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We’re in the finals of the Cambridgeshire Muddy Awards for best Interiors Store and it’s all thanks to you!

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Thank you so much for your support







SO… as you can see i have been ploughing through the diary working out some dates for festive workshops! Those that have been on them before know how GREAT they are and how cosy the shop is in the evenings. so come learn a new skill or just to make something fun for christmas with your buddies! i totally recommend the cushion one… Be great to make a “Christmas at the Taylors” throw cushion for the armchair next to where my tree will be.

What is also great on the workshops is you get 10% off any purchases made in the shop that evening. There is also always Tea, Coffee and cakes to pick & sip at throughout.


Other shop news.. Harriet is still barking like the loon she is… we have bought her treats to simmer her down but still she’s rather chatty. Our Halloween window is all AGO with local Pumpkins and H&B ghost dresses (other halloween items available) so make sure you have a look :D


Right Mr Happy is here with our Farrow and Ball paint delivery so ill be ringing you all to come collect….if you don’t know already we order in the Paint on a Tuesday and it gets delivered on a Thursday… my Fave colour at the min is Hague Blue !!!

Hello Autumn!

Hello! its Lilly… I’m sat in the shop a little chilly but VERY happy as we have a tonne of new pieces in, including lots of lamps that just make the shop feel so cosy and welcoming. so whats new…

The smell in the shop is also incredible at the moment as we have a selection of handmade Soy wax candles in… they have been made by some local girls and we sell them at a special price of £9 instead of £11 like on easy.. so grab an amazing smelling bargain…but what i love most about them is they are made in paint tins!!!

as well…Max McMurdo has just had a bundle of his new books delivered and each has been signed with an message! such a cool thing! great for christmas presents… yes i said it, and yes i have already started buying (an yes even from our shop haha) but with my eldest’s birthday being mid December i like to be prepared! so yes come have a flick through of the new Upcycled book. they are only £20!

I’ve been sewing a lot lately now that both my boys are in full time school *sob* its bitter sweet. good for all of you as I’ve boosted our soft furnishing stock quite dramatically. with many handmade quilts & cushions. Hop&Biscuit have also been updating the our clothing range with hats, tops & seasonal items, which we feel is offering more for boys not just girls.

so it is the dogs blog… an update on Harriett she isn’t un today as she was barking mentally at every single customer yesterday and even at me!! she’s getting older, chubbier and more crazy but we love her all the same!



Holidays at Home

Way, way back, in the late 70′s early 80′s, when Health and Safety were two totally unconnected words at either end of the dictionary, “Holidays at Home” here in St Neots meant being dropped off by your parents early morning at a designated meeting place (usually the Riverside Park) during the school summer holidays. You would then join up with a large group of excited/bored/couldn’t be bothered 9-14 year olds to be told of the activities for the day. These covered anything from canoeing on the river, golf on the pitch and putt or a walk round the Riverside meadows. It always filled the day till working parents came home and you could go home and get on with enjoying the summer holidays with your proper mates.

Fast forward 30-odd years and we decided to take a completely different Holiday at Home. Having taken a week off “normal career”-work, and also deciding to close the shop for a week, we set about starting the many different jobs we had lined up for the new house we moved into in April. We also hoped to be out and about sourcing and revamping new stock for the shop, ready for a weekend re-opening.

So, 7 days later we’re both back to work and the shop is open again. In the days in between we’ve been variously:

- stripping out old kitchen cupboards
- revamping the remaining cupboards in Farrow & Ball (of course!) and antique cup handles
- going over, and over, and over kitchen and utility room design
- stripping turf and digging out lawn ready for new decking
- digging out tons of gravel ready for new lawn
- travelling way too far for an ebay bargain – although we love our new steamer sunlongers
- putting up curtains in more rooms than I knew we had
- thinking about extensions we probably don’t really need
- painting lots and lots of new stock for the shop
- figuring out how to add Paypal to our website

It all seemed such a good idea at the time, but you know what? Once you get over how shattered you are at the end of EVERY day, there is an awful lot of satisfaction in cracking on and getting stuff done (mostly) yourself. Rather than trudging round the DIY sheds or ringing the latest go-to handyman, there’s a definite sense of achievement when you sit back and look at something new and can honestly say “I did that”. Add that to the fact that it costs far less when you do most of the work, and it was a week very well spent. So much so that we’re already planning the next one for later in the year. Sharon has started the to-do list already….

IMG_0724 IMG_0725 IMG_0726 IMG_0709

idle blogs…

Like most blogs, our seems to have sat idle and covered in cobwebs for the past few months… They always seem like such a good idea at the time, and are kicked off with a blur of enthusiasm, but then you realise that someone actually has to a) think of something worth blogging about, b) think of a witty/informative way of doing it and c) actually do it….

The frustrating thing is we know we’ve got plenty to talk about, we’re just so busy nursing a still fairly new business to find the time to chat.

So can we all take this post as confirmation that we will try and be better bloggers from here on in. More frequent posting will mean there’ll be more informative stuff about what we’re currently doing, about to do, and undoubtedly some stuff you might find less than interesting or worth a read. Hopefully you’ll bear with us and be able to slice through the bulk of our musings to find something that will bring you back here.

By way of a recap since our last post, and as a kind of excuse for our recent lack of postings, we have been busy:
- doing what we do and learning LOTS of new skills along the way
- delivering LOTS of furniture in our reliable, but slightly poorly, van
- working staff rotas around various pregnancies which also meant
- introducing Teddy, a new son (for Holly) and grandson (for Sharon/Lee) into the family
- winning St Neots Business of the Year 2015 at the St Neots Community and Business Awards!!


Carrying on with the busy theme (sort of), we’ll be taking some well-earned rest and closing the shop next week while we tackle the garden and kitchen at our new house.
We’ll also be working on lots of shop stuff in preparation for our re-opening on Tuesday 23rd June, the week during which we’ll be celebrating our 1st birthday!



As we’re sort of sure we’ll now be blogging incessantly, we’ll speak to you again (very) soon….

Craft Meet by Harriet

Our first craft meet was creatively amazing!!!

knitters, crocheters, illustrators & a novice decoupagers!!

Creative minds meeting over cake & Haribo the best way to spend a sunday afternoon! the best thing to happen was one of ladies bought long a blanket she has been working on since learning to crochet from one our workshops!! its beautiful & just brilliant that she learnt from a 2 hour workshop… she’s on the list for the intermediate class in April!! our next meet is in March where we hope to see lots of new faces full of crafty chat and ideas! so if you missed our first one don’t fret we will be having them once a month!

‘i’m waiting on someone to knit or crochet me a blanket the concrete floor is cold!…still I’m not complaining snacks and chats are great!’

1932436_513898195379637_912566110286471464_n till next time!